Carlos Ponce Robles

Carlos Ponce Robles

Marketing & Business Development, Nearsoft, Inc.

Currently employed at Nearsoft

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    Being a highly qualified bilingual communicator, business & marketing professional and group facilitator with a stellar track record of accomplishments in the international business and cultural exchange scene, possessing perfect, native command of both the English and the Spanish languages, and being highly knowledgeable on methodologies to liaise business and cultural entities and professionals from different countries with their international counterparts across the Americas, I have been quite successful in implementing communication, e-marketing and outreach techniques in a wide gamut of corporate and institutional strategies, having particularly focused on the conservation, IT, real estate, tourism and hospitality industries for the last three years. More than 18 years of experience in:  Bilingual communication, business, marketing and electronic marketing  Language training, translation and interpretation  Group facilitation and commercial event coordination


Headhunter, Inside Sales, Marketing & Communication

At Nearsoft

From 2010 to Present
Professional Objectives To function as a highly effective bilingual marketing professional, translator, communicator, language instructor and liaison for institutions and companies with international operations or interests. Professional Profile Being a highly qualified bilingual communicator,...
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Marketing, desarrollo de negocios y RH

At Nearsoft


Marketing & Business Development

At Netshore Programming Corporation

From 2007 to 2010
Netshore Programming Corp. is a leading provider of high quality, cost-effective IT solutions for major regional and international companies. Our technical personnel are highly trained and quite experienced in sophisticated project management and quality oriented methodologies. All members of our...
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Universidad De Sonora, Hermosillo

Ciencias de la Comunicación, Universidad de Sonora

From 1987 to 1991
Ciencias de la Comunicación


  • Desarrollo de negocios
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