Carlos Alberto Bazán-Canabal

Carlos Alberto Bazán-Canabal

General Manager / Partner, Alternativo Networks, Inc.

México, D.F., Mexico

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His background

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    General Manager / Partner

    Alternativo Networks, Inc.

    As the General Manager at Alternativo Networks, I am in charge of producing several content driven blogs and on-line magazines, such as México Alternativo, Radiopasillo, BinHex 3.0, Descúbrelo, and Revista Fortuna. I am in charge of fostering relationships, creating and integrating content, and setting up the business model to turn this Social Media initiative into a successful business. I am also responsible of turning the company into a Social Media entity with more than one format: Microblogging, Articles, Images, Photo Galleries, Audio clips, Podcasts, and Video Podcasts. I have also integrated a printed magazine into the company, Revista Fortuna.
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    Impulso Innovations, S.A. de C.V. (Through Alternativo Networks, Inc.)

    Business, International Law, and IT consulting firm for emerging markets.
    Business Consulting: I have aided Mexican firms in developing business plans, and their startups. Among the business models in which I have participated as a consultant are: Retail, Alternative fuels (ethanol), Wireless telephony, automated vending machines, manufacturing, and Internet portals. I have also participated with members of the European Union in order to determine the feasibility of developing initiatives on health, education (through a potential JV with Microsoft and Yahoo!), biometric ID systems for emerging markets, and water treatment.
    International Law: I have aided Mexican firms in protecting their property and assets on International litigation in California, Texas, and Illinois district and federal courts on bankruptcy, intellectual property, fraud, and corporate mercantile cases.
    IT Consulting and services: Built strong relationships with top name clients, among those, the Mexican Government, UNITEC (Mexico City’s largest private university), and private and public companies (Hyatt, Unefon, Cosmofrecuencias, Banamex/Citigroup, Yahoo! Mexico). Under high confidentiality terms, I’ve supported top name companies and executives in Mexico on Internet security, having aided in terrorism detection and prevention, coordinating with local and international authorities, companies, and entities in Mexico (PGR) and abroad (Interpol).
    Currently, Impulso Innovations is working on spinning off its IT Consulting division into Alternativo Networks México, S.A. de C.V. after having developed a series a content portals and initiatives focused on Local Search, SEO, SEM and BTL marketing.
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    General Manager / Partner

    PANNA Mayorista, S.A. de C.V. (Through Alternativo Networks, Inc.)

    PANNA Mayorista, S.A. de C.V. was one of the largest office supplies nationwide wholesale distributor and retailer in Mexico. I developed the business model and plan for the startup and first 5 years of operations. I was in charge of executing the startup, creating a solid supply chain with local and foreign partners, implementing e-commerce and e invoicing for the company. By Mid 2007 I brought the company into break ? even. I developed the business plan for a nationwide retail store franchise model, and adjusting it so that small entrepreneurs can start their own Papelerías PANNA franchise through Fondo PYME, an SME fund set up by the Mexican Government through the Secretary of Economy.
    Sold in 2009 to a private group of investors.
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    VP Corporate Development

    Worldwide Directories, S.A. de C.V. (Through Alternativo Networks, Inc.)

    Worldwide Directories is the Mexican Holding company of Ideas Interactivas, S.A. de C.V., Yahoo! Páginas Útiles publisher. Yahoo! Páginas Útiles is a printed and on?line phone book for Mexico. Responsible of the Corporate Development and Strategic Planning divisions. I lead the redefinition and execution of the business plan for Mexico, and setting up of the Internet division for the company, including the on?line directories marketing and sales. I have also been responsible of the relationship with Yahoo!, and have managed to extend the term of the brand licensing agreement for Mexico and execute the brand licensing agreement for Puerto Rico. Among my international responsibilities were the creation of the business case and strategic plan for the US Hispanic market, Puerto Rico, and Australia. I was in charge of coordinating, along with Lehman Brothers the first round of financing for the company through a private placement in order to secure its domestic and international expansion in which I was able to bring in two investment offers for $40MM USD each into the company. I was in charge of the definition of the on?line and off?line products in order to comply with Yahoo!’s guidelines, quality and usability standards. I created the strategy for a new division within the company: a Search Engine Marketer and On?line advertising / technology consultant for SMEs. I was in charge of developing business relationships with top portals and potential partners in Mexico and coordinating the launch of a small network of content sites aimed at creating momentum for new advertisers.
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    Yahoo! de México, S.A. de C.V.

    Enterprise Solutions Director

    Responsible of the Enterprise Solutions Business Unit. Created and executed the business plan, developed new revenue streams for the company. Launched the sale of Enterprise Portals in Mexico. In charge of the development and implementation of new businesses and the diversifying of revenues. Among my accomplishments were driving negotiations and closing strategic partnerships for Yahoo! with Banco Santander, UNITEC, Consejo de Promoción Turística de México, and Ideas Interactivas. I brought into the company the first brand licensing agreement for Mexico, creating the Yahoo! Páginas Útiles concept, the first non?incumbent independent phone book in Mexico. Ultimately, with the above deals I took Yahoo! México into break even.
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    Production Director

    Yahoo! de México, S.A. de C.V.

    I aided the company on the startup process, including among other responsibilities managing the legal paperwork for the company, aiding in the definition of the business plan, office lease, team recruiting, and network setup. Developed Yahoo! Mexico as a user Internet platform. Launched Yahoo! Mexico as a portal, created and deployed the services around Yahoo! Mexico. Negotiated content licensing agreements and executed those and the distribution agreements. Managed the small production team that created top verticals for the property. Coordinated the different production areas in the company (GUI, Engineering, Surfing, etc.)
    During my tenure, Yahoo! Mexico won several well recognized marketing and product awards, and was recognized by AMIPCI as the best horizontal portal in 2002. Also, I drove the recovery of Internet domain name in favor of Yahoo! Inc. This case set precedents in Mexico for NIC Mx in the resolution of controversies in domain names.
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    General Manager

    Intehost, S.A. de C.V. (Internet creative firm)

    Created the business plan and the startup. Developed the business strategy that the company still has as its main revenue model. Created the web hosting business plan that by 2002 made the company one of Mexico’s top hosts. Made accessible web hosting in Mexico to SOHOs in 1997 by lowering prices and standardizing them with the US hosting industry. Developed the award winning vertical tourism and movies portals México Alternativo and Cine Alternativo. Sold in 1999 to a private group of investors.

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About him

Top manager / director specialized in corporate development, business development, and new projects for large corporations and small businesses, including start ups and entrepreneurship with over 14 years experience on the Yellow Pages, media, Internet, business consulting, and the IT industries. Great expertise on developing new business initiatives, creating successful business plans and driving their execution until its sale, private placement or until an exit strategy triggers. Excellent strategic planning with great negotiation and leadership skills complement my reputation in several fields and industries. Multicultural profile with personal and professional experience in the North American and Mexican markets. High interpersonal and communication skills that allow me to set professional and personal relations with top directors and personalities globally. Fully bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English (excellent conversation, written, and presentation skills). IT and Internet technology savvy, including knowledge of Internet protocols, languages, databases, and operating systems.

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